Dear Law Professors, Please Take Pity On Swifties And Do Not Call On Them Today

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

A University of Kentucky law professor, Josh Douglas, took to Twitter today to ask the masses a burning ethical question: should Swifties currently in the verified fan presale queue be exempt from being on call today?

You know the answer all too well, unless you want bad blood — or worse, bad karma — you’ve got to give them a pass. Fail to do so, and then don’t blame me when they wish you death by a thousand cuts. Taylor taught them no body, no crime.

Fortunately, most respondents agree with Leah Litman’s obviously correct take.

Hopefully, Douglas had an epiphany and gave the mega fans some peace and a break from being on call. After all, they’re also learning about the law while waiting in a seemingly endless virtual line on a website that kept crashing. And that has everything to do with antitrust law.

Swifties are about to pull some vigilante shit on Ticketmaster.

Congrats if you were the lucky one and had the best day and scored some seats. If not, so it goes… Better luck on the resale market.

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