Game Of Owns: The 2022 FedSoc Convention

Thinking-Like-A-Lawyer-Final-620×620The Federalist Society national convention kicked off with Judge William Pryor mocking Above the Law for insinuating that the organization is a bunch of ideological hacks in a monologue that was “funny” to the extent it amounted to a quarter hour of self-owns. A day later, FedSoc proved its hackery when the Board voted to bar its founder and co-chair from identifying himself to the media as either a “founder” or “co-chair” — a move that backfired when Steven Calabresi’s immediate response was to tell the media that the Board had voted to bar him from calling himself the founder or co-chair. Please do not let these people write your contracts! We also discuss “Paul Clement’s Lament” that law firms care more about money than his passion project of making America objectively worse and more dangerous. And more news of bubbling layoffs!

Scissors Cut Money

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