Morning Docket: 09.16.22 – Above the LawAbove the Law

The inscription Tax Day on the note like Notification of the need to file tax returns, tax form

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* Good news, taxes might be easier to do! They really should just automate them next. [Business Insider]

* California is looking out for the youth. Over/under until this ends up in court for free speech issues? [LA Times]

* Sure would be a shame if this governor served time for mailing a bunch of people as a publicity stunt. Super bad. Wouldn’t want that… [WFLA]

* Trademark law’s real purpose has finally been realized: stopping racism! [Bloomberg]

Chris Williams became a social media manager and assistant editor for Above the Law in June 2021. Prior to joining the staff, he moonlighted as a minor Memelord™ in the Facebook group Law School Memes for Edgy T14s.  He endured Missouri long enough to graduate from Washington University in St. Louis School of Law. He is a former boatbuilder who cannot swim, a published author on critical race theory, philosophy, and humor, and has a love for cycling that occasionally annoys his peers. You can reach him by email at and by tweet at @WritesForRent.


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