What Do Associates Think Of The New Normal?

AssociatePerspectivesNewNormalReportLast year and into this, the world at large was abuzz over the “great resignation,” one of the many unexpected developments coming out of responses to the global pandemic. 

In Law Land, firms agonized over obstacles to effectively service a rocketing surge in demand due, in part, to an inability to recruit and retain sufficient numbers of associates. 

We wanted to gain a better understanding of what was driving this heightened degree of apparent associate disaffection.

The result is this Above the Law survey, which takes a peek under the hood. 

What makes for greener pastures in associates’ eyes? For those who intend to remain where they are, what keeps them motivated? 

We heard from more than 500 associates at firms of all sizes — from some of the largest and most profitable law firms to small boutique practices with just a handful of lawyers.

The result is the probing, insightful report that follows. Download and view it at the link below (no contact information required).



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